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Translated by Jun9008.

Note: sentences inside ‘,’ marks are people’s thoughts.
T/L: means translator’s notes, usually on the names of martial arts’ movements.

Lights are shining everywhere.
I cannot not feel the weight of my body.
After the bracelet emitted a bright light, it swarmed me as a whole.
Something went past over my head.
What is it?
My mind is suddenly slipping away.
Drip, drip . . . .
I hear the sound of water droplets. From the sound, it seems like this is a cave.
“Ah…my head…this is?”
Now that I look around, it is a dark cave. What is this place?
‘I remember falling somewhere, but what is this place.’
First I realize from looking around that this cave has a very tall ceiling. Also, there is only one direction to go.
“I have never seen this type of cave before.”
I felt stupefied. I went through a cave with light. . . .
“Ah, am I dreaming? Ouch . . . it hurts.”
My cheek hurts after being pinched. Do not think I am stupid. This is because I am so surprised. If you do not understand it, then you should be in my situation too.
I examine my body to see if there was anything wrong. It is not, except that the problematic bracelet I was wearing is now gone.
‘Since there is only one way, let’s go.’
The cave is enormously large and surprisingly it wasn’t dark due to a light.
The light is coming from a small spherical object on the wall.
“How can that small thing. . . anyway, this cave seems very long. . . .”
I keep walking. I do not know how long I walked; because I was inside the cave, I lost track of time. After a long walk, I finally see the end of the cave. It did not, however, seem to lead to outside. And worse. . . .
“This sound of breathing seems to come from a large animal. What is it. . . .”
I use kyung-gong-sul (T/L:to jump high, in air, etc) to keep my feet silent and look at the end of the cave.
And what I see is. . . .
‘How is that thing. . . . I have never seen that kind of beast before, what is it?”
I carefully reexamine what I am seeing. It had a large body that emitted golden light.
From where I am standing, I cannot see the whole body. It has long neck, golden wings, long tails, and four feet. It also has a horn on its head. And it seems to be sleeping, as its eyes are closed and breathing deeply.
And in front of its head, there is a small base. And on top of the base is an unusual-looking sword. ‘Never seen that kind of sword before and what is that beast; is this not where I live? Just what kind of place am I in right now?’
After thinking, I decide to grab the sword so that if that beast attacks, I can fight it . . . although not having a sword would not really matter. . . .
‘Since I do not want it to wake up, the least way to reveal my presence is dop-gong-neoung (T/L:walking silently in the air, similar to the one before).
I use gyong-gong to not touch the ground and kick the air to get to the sword. Then I land on the base where the sword is. The sword has a gum-shin (T/L:sword-aura/ki) with white handle and covered in a red sheath. And on the cover of it is an imbedded jewel that emits an unusual light. As I am looking at that unique sword, I feel a strange stare from the back.
‘Shit, is it. . . .’
With a trouble thought, I look back and am met with golden eyes. The eyes are calm and wise, unlike that of a beast. For a while, we stare at each other.
Then I go through the most dumbfounding experience. The beast can speak!
“How did you enter here?”
“It’s talking. . . .”
“Do you not hear me? How did you come here?”
‘Calm down. This is not Joong-won (T/L:Id’s hometown). This is a very unique experience.’
“Mmm. . . hmm. . . I am Chun Hwa Yeh. And to how I came here, I do not know myself.”
“Hmm… Seems you are not lying, but your name’s Chun Hwa Yeh? I have never heard that kind of name in this world.”
“If you have never heard it before in this world, then where is this place….”
“This is the farthest tip of the land of Gransen, so I do not know your type of name.”
I feel dumbfounded after listening to his explanation.
‘Gransen. . .I have never heard of it. . .Gransen. . .Then How did I. . .
Seeing me standing with a spaced-out look, he asks me, “If you are not a human of this world, how can you speak this language?”
Good question; pretty smart for a beast.
“I don’t know how I am speaking in this language. I can speak it as if I have always used it.
After listening to my confused answer, he speaks quietly.
Suddenly my head feels calm and organized.
“Is it alright now?”
“Yes, my mind feels clear. Did you do it?”
“Yes, it is a dragon’s magic. Do you not know what magic is?”
I nod at his inquiry. I have never heard of it. Then I asked, “Have you really never heard a name similar to mine?”
Despite his size, he shakes his head at my question.
“You seemed to be not a person of this land. How did you get here?”
“I don’t know. I was on a mountain but fell into an unusual light. When I woke up, I was in a cave and when I followed through the cave, I ended up here.”
“Hmm, I don’t know this very much but Chun Hwa, you have crossed a dimension. . . .”
What kind of. . . .
“Dimension? What does that mean?”
“It is hard to explain in a short time. To put it simply, a God has made many worlds and between them He put a wall. This wall would be a dimension.”
“Then how do I go over the wall again?”
“I do not know. Only God of Creation and the Origins of Light and Darkness can cross them. Other than them, Gods or dragon lords cannot cross the dimensional wall . . . maybe not, since you have crossed it and maybe there’s a way to go back.”
I feel disheartened at his words. Just how. . . . Is this God of Creation’s prank? No, since he is a God. Ha~ I want to cry. I sit by the base where the sword is and the beast watches me quietly. After calming myself down, I ask him some questions.
“Just what are you doing here? Before that, what’s your name?”
“Ha, you are the only human who’s not scared of a dragon. My name is Greydron.”
“Greydron? Weird name. So, what are you doing here?”
Then he points at the sword next to me.
“I am protecting that sword. For over ten thousand years now.”
“Ha~ for what? And so you are over ten thousand years old?”
“Correct, but even I don’t know my exact age. It’s probably about fifteen thousand years.”
“Then do I have to use formal words . . . sir?”
“You don’t have to. Just speak like what you did before.”
Pity. For what is he protecting the sword for ten thousand years? I stare at the sword quick and try to hold it. Suddenly, Greydron prevents me from touching the sword.
“That sword has its own mind and soul. It will destroy anyone who is not its owner or who is not fit to be its owner.”
“Ha, ha, it’s an amazing sword. Just who made it? No. Who is its owner? No, never mind. You are protecting it because there is no owner.
The dragon gave a huge sigh after my questions and started talking. He must have been bored. . . .

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